Interactive Conference Call on Haiti

Interactive Conference Call on Haiti

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ONE Member,

In less than a week, more than 136,000 ONE members around the world have taken action to
call for $1 billion in debt relief for Haiti. Now it’s time to go more in-depth—on the crisis, the rebuilding, and the long-term development solutions.

Please join me for an interactive conference call on Tuesday, January 26 at 8 PM (EST) to talk about Haiti and what we can do. On the call will be Rep. Maxine Waters, a debt relief champion and driving force for legislative solutions; former Senate Majority Leader Dr. Bill Frist, a trained surgeon just returned from operating in a Haitian field hospital; Dr. Joia Mukherjee, medical director for Partners in Health, who is in Haiti right now; and David Meltzer, senior vice president for International Services for the American Red Cross, also just back from Haiti.

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WHO: You, lots of other ONE members, Rep. Maxine Waters, former Senate Majority Leader Dr. Bill Frist, Dr. Joia Mukherjee from Partners in Health, David Meltzer from the Red Cross, and ONE’s President David Lane

WHAT: An interactive conference call on Haiti: Crisis, Rebuilding, and Debt Cancellation

WHEN: Tuesday, January 26 at 8:00 PM (EST)

The massive response to our “Drop Haiti’s Debt” campaign is already having an impact, with movement from both the IMF and World Bank to find ways to cancel Haiti’s debts. Efforts in both the House of Representatives and Senate to tackle this issue are promising, as well. But we need to keep the pressure up, and learn more about how we can help the Haitian people during this time of crisis and beyond.

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On the call, experts and observers will share their responses to the aftermath of last week’s earthquake. They’ll also take your questions, discuss the latest news on our “Drop Haiti’s Debt” campaign, and talk about the broader development picture and what more we can do to help the Haitian people rebuild and advance in the long-term.

It couldn’t be easier to participate in the call—you don’t even have to remember to dial in. RSVP now and we’ll call you on Tuesday night:

In the wake of devastation comes the opportunity to rebuild, develop and strengthen. Don’t miss your opportunity to learn the facts, help us plan the future, and hear first-hand accounts of what’s going on in Haiti. Thanks,


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