Muhammad Ali’s Passing and UNIVERSAL CURRENCY, and The Eid

Surah Al-Insan says: “And they are those who give food – in spite of their own need , to the needy, and the orphan, and the captive, [saying in their hearts], “We only feed you for the sake of God, and we desire nothing in return from you, not even a word of thanks’’ (76:8-9).

As Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu wa Jazzak Allah Khair Khayrun,

AARON & MARGARET WALLACE FOUNDATION, (AMWF) would like to wish you all a Happy Eid! May ALLAH accept your good deeds and grant you and your families forgiveness!

The Eid are Times of Relief, Reflection, Gratefulness and Celebration! 
The first hours of Ramadan began with the passing of Muhammad Ali, a world treasure. This forced those of us that knew him a bit to reflect on the meaning of it, his world treasury, what he meant to the WORLD, HIS UNIVERSAL CURRENCY, not just us that may have known him a bit. The WORLD exhibited caring, heartfelt emotions that still wasn’t been comprehended!! It reminded me of the explanation that Imam Warith Deen Mohammed would give of the meaning of “Allahu Akbar” where the accepted meaning is “God is Great”, or “God is Greatest” to really translate into “God is GREATER” because the human mind can not truly conceive nor comprehend the true GREATNESS of God!, so God is always GREATER than you could possibly know or understand!!
The WORLD expression of the meaning of Ali to them was from the same inability to comprehend it’s sheer vastness!! I still haven’t found the expression, because there’s still so much of life to reflect on that made a difference that HE was the tool Allah used to engineer the revolution to an evolution!!
Then the Eid causes us to reflect upon the test which we have all experienced this past Ramadan. We recognized this as a time in which we needed to consult fully with ALLAH (SWT) on everything rather than on our human, flawed selves, which is why we pray, fast, turn to the Qur’an and beg our Lord’s guidance. In doing so, we come near to Allah as we have learned what it means to be content in all circumstances, whether having everything and comfortable or in having nothing and struggling. We have to gain a greater appreciation for the plight of the needy, the poor! Whether the working poor that can’t make ends meet, to the refugee with nothing, to the homeless, we MUST recognize their right to dignity and a decent life. It can not possibly hurt any of the able to help or support us who do. So how can ANYONE, much less the leaders of some major Masjids, take food from the mouths of the needy, or clothes from the backs of the needy DURING RAMADAN?!!!! Astaghfirullah!! More to come, iA. 
And (commanding you): “Seek the forgiveness of your Lord, and turn to Him in repentance, that He may grant you good enjoyment, for a term appointed, and bestow His abounding Grace to every owner of grace (i.e. the one who helps and serves needy and deserving, physically and with his wealth, and even with good words). But if you turn away, then I fear for you the torment of a Great Day (i.e. the Day of Resurrection).” [Hud 11:3]
We are quick to rally around relief for a foreign war or a natural disaster, but ignore the personal tragedies within the Muslim communities right here at home. You don’t have to donate money, food, clothing, other goods and services to Syria or Iraq that is NEVER going to get there, especially when we have our own Syria and Iraq in the Muslim communities right here, starting with the person praying next to you, the brother that has no job, the abused sister that has no here to go, the youth that’s cutting school and using drugs! The leaders of these Masjids do not want to acknowledge this and in doing so, fail and refuse to take into consideration that this is their, the Masjids OBLIGATION from Allah (SWT)! The Masjids are not just “a building” without a soul and none in it with a soul, it’s suppose to be the center of the community and the lives it serves- ALL community members at large, NOT just Muslims!
We are grateful to ALLAH (SWT) for having touched the hearts of those who embody the God mandated mission and commitment to ALLAH’S principles that we as servants of ALLAH (SWT) must fulfill. 
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Eid Mubarak!




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