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SUPERSTAR MANAGEMENT,(SSM), the WORLDS FIRST Entertainment and Sports, Management and Marketing firms, is world renowned for promoting, representing, advising, negotiating, and arbitrating many lucrative and unprecedented contracts in the sports and entertainment field for such clients as Muhammed Ali, Brian Taylor, U.S. Rep. J.C. Watts, Warner Bros. Records, Deion Sanders, Byron Stewart, Delvin Williams, Giant Records, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, M.C. Hammer, Capitol Records, Larkin Arnold(Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, Natalie Cole, “Get On The Bus”), Lyman Bostock, Evander Holyfield, Spencer Haywood, Cliff Robinson, Abbey Lincoln, EMI Records, Emanuel Stewart(Lennox Lewis, Prince Naseem Hamed, Oscar DeLa Hoya), George L. Smith Mangement(The Deele, Antonio “LA” Reid, Kenneth “BabyFace” Edmonds, Bobby Brown, Pebbles, Soul II Soul), John Carlos, Reggie White, Marvin Gaye, Martin Wyatt, and Leslie Allen among others. SSM handles professional personal services contracts in sports, entertainment, electronic multimedia, literary, publishing, merchandising, licensing, commercial advertisement, product endorsement, personal appearances, corporate affiliations, concerts, tours, broadcasting,T.V., video, and motion pictures. The parent company of SSM, TGRW, INC.,(TGRW) is a Strategic and Tactical Planning corporation specializes in the areas of Marketing, Advertising, Promotions, Public Relations, Product Placement and Development, Electronic Multimedia, and Event Planning.

Abdul-Jalil Front Row @ The ESPY Awards


Hammertime Entertainment & Sports Management

New Orleans Press Conference


ESPN’s Lyman Bostock Story Part 1


ESPN’s Lyman Bostock Story Part 2


ABC-TV’s News Coverage of Music Conference


I Know You’ll Love Oakland PSA’s

Searchleft1¿eX-whY AdVentures? devises and implements overall strategies and tactics for reaching its clients target market(s) using sports, motion picture, entertainment, concerts, internet, advertisements, endorsements, and special event properties as marketing vehicles to implement sponsorship and other promotional programs of an advertising campaign, for corporate exposure and product image enhancement. TGRW has produced TV programming for Disney, ABC-TV and ESPN, as well as events in Japan, Russia, Egypt, Romania, Paris, Europe, Brunei, and the U.S. and has consulted and advised BBDO Worldwide Advertising, Starter, The Arthur Ashe Foundation, Rare Multimedia, Capcom, Comspan, MTV, The Soul Train Music Awards, Apex 1, Electronic Arts(EA SPORTS), The ESPY’S, National Football League(NFL EXPERIENCE) Super Bowl, “90210”, Black Entertainment Television(BET), Sega, Trans-Pacific Centre, Nike, Pepsi Co., Oakland City Image Campaign, Russell Athletic, Private Jet, ESPN, Sports Image Awards, Clorox Co., BART, Levi Strauss, Montgomery Wards, The Jimmy V Foundation, “Home Improvement”, Minority Business Forum, Foremost/McKesson, etc. and many, many others. The evolution of these talents and Hip Hop has created the phenomenon of the ¿eX-whY? AdVenture!


What is an Agent, Artist and Business Manager and Why do I need One?

Entertainment law, the art of representing professional athletes and entertainers, is the body of law and legal principles that has developed and evolved in the course of conducting the businesses of and representation of professionals in the fields of Sports, Music, Entertainment, Publishing, Motion Picture, Television, Theater, Interactive Multimedia, and the Internet.
Each of these entities has its own unique features and characteristics in common with the others but consists of a wide variety of legal concepts, rules, statutes, regulations, case law, practices, customs, and legal principles which have a particular application to the creation, production, distribution, and marketing of sports and entertainment intellectual properties.

1995 "Sports Image Awards" Cover
1995 “Sports Image Awards” Cover

Each branch of the sports and entertainment industry is generally dominated by a small number of larger multi-national organizations being provided entertainment product by large numbers of individuals and smaller companies. Because of this concentration of power, there is a great emphasis on politics and personal relationships in the sports and entertainment industry. As with all other areas of the entertainment industry, the Sports business is dominated by a few powerful companies and personalities that control the creation , production, distribution and marketing – the legal rights to the commercial exploitation of the sports entertainment product.
The sports and entertainment industries, as specialized areas, are composed of many sub-divisions to benefit and enrich an athlete including product endorsements, commercial ads, corporate sponsorships, personal appearances, acting, recording, publishing, concert promotion, talent management, and merchandising. The primary ones are the selling of sports, television, radio, motion picture, and advertising products as well as multimedia, music recording and literary publishing.
Due to the subjective and creative nature of pro sports, and because of the degree of control by the few, the sports agent and business manager must know how the various sports operates and it’s personalities, the customs and practices, and how ones unique talents and abilities and rights are obtained, and protected legally for optimum commercial exploitation for the player. Most importantly, a good sports agent and business manager must have strong contacts and relationships with key people in the sports and entertainment industry, and must have a good reputation.
SSM has handled everything from contract negotiations, arbitrations, salary grievances, booking, production, management, recording, publishing, distribution, merchandising, licensing, to representation in copyright matters, royalty disputes, and an array of sports and entertainment issues and problems, with an emphasis on the sports and music industry. Among those business matters we handle include:
M. with Both Rolls Royce's
M. with Both Rolls Royce’s in front of vacation home

* Professional Athlete Representation, Entertainment and Sports Marketing and Business Management, and advise in all areas of sports, music and entertainment matters for professional athletes in Entertainment, Motion Picture, Television, Stage, Radio, and Record contracts as entertainers, artists, labels, producers, songwriter, publishers, distributors, retailers, merchandisers; commercial advertising, corporate sponsorships, product endorsements, marketing and promotions; also including establishing and management of your sports entity;
* Drafting, reviewing and negotiating of contracts for professional athletes; entertainers, artists, recording; producing; motion picture, television, radio and video; performing and touring; booking; publishing; royalties, copyrights and trademarks; distribution; merchandising; interactive multimedia and the internet; synchronization licenses; mechanical licenses; and publishing clearances.
* Record Demo “shopping”; and Label Deals, independent record label, production deals, publishing company and/or distribution company deals.
So if you are an athlete or entertainer and want a new or better contract, have or need a new organization, are a rookie or a free agent and need a way to distinguish your talents or get “noticed”, or an established athlete or entertainer looking for the best business deal or advise in the industry, call us!! If you have a sports or entertainment related contract that you need drafted, reviewed, arbitrated, or negotiated or you are having a contract or salary disputes, let SSM get you the deal that you want!

All Documents can be found in the DOCUMENTS BOX to the Right.

The Man Who Turn$ Hit$ Into Million$
Smart Agent
Busy Agent
Who’s Who In America
Outstanding Young Men of America
The al-Hakim Tax Code Ruling

The ESPN Leon Powe Story


Hammer In Russia- Dance Finale


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Oakland Urban Economic Development Conference


Hammer In Romania


Black Television News Channel



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